Marsa is a sexual health center based in Beirut, Lebanon.

It has been operating officially since February 2011.

The purpose behind the center is to provide confidential and anonymous services related to sexual health. Services are provided to the public in a friendly environment free of stigma and discrimination against age, sex, gender and sexual orientation.

For Appointments and inquiries please call 01 380515 or email us at: visitus@marsa.me


Clients at Marsa can benefit from

  1. HIV Testing (Free of charge)
  2. Hepatitis B & C and Syphilis Testing (Subsidised price)
  3. Medical consultation (Subsidized price)
  4. Psychological and Social counseling (Subsidized price)

Latest News

  1. You can now donate to Marsa on a monthly basis!
  2. We moved to BADARO! Our center is now located in Traboulsi Street- Next to Sunflower theatre- Before Tayyouneh roundabout – Karim Bechara Building – 2nd floor. Click here to see the map
  3. Book your appointments for voluntary counseling and testing and the medical consultations early on by calling us or drop a line to our inbox!

Latest Video

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